VARTISTE works similar to desktop image editing software you may be used to; it has layers, brushes, color wheels and palettes. However, it's specially designed for VR headset use, so it will respond to controller pressure and position, and you can move your canvas around to get the perfect vantage point for editing. No more being tethered to a monitor or drawing tablet! It's even got a really cool node & FX compositing system available. Become a VR-Artíste today!

Some features include:

  • Many different brushes and drawing methods, including click-to-draw, 6-DoF pencils, Spray-cans
  • Layers and compositing, including special effects
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Painting directly onto 3D model material textures, including diffuse maps, bump maps, metalness maps, etc
  • VR-centric UV unwrapping tools
  • Multiplayer simultaneous drawing over the internet
  • And many more


You can run the app right in your browser using the "Run App" button above or by going to  Or, if you're having trouble with your browser and WebXR and remembering command line switches, you can use the download which comes with a version of Chromium that I've tested with VARTISTE, and shortcuts to start it in SteamVR mode.

Full instructions can be found at


Download 222 MB
Version 117 Jun 28, 2022

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